This is the price list for Houwers Taxidermy. The list below is a rough price-guide for standard taxidermy work, which includes simple base work.

All prices listed are for specimen supplied by the client. Stock items are more.

Since it’s impossible to list every kind of animal individually, we’ve tried to list them to a size comparison. For instance, though the Kingfisher isn’t listed, it is about the same size as the Sparrow, and would thus come to around £95. Feel free to call if you are unsure.

Phone number: 028 9145 7944
(Mobile: 075 2318 5498)

As we are a professional business we strive to answer all phonecalls made. If you can’t get through to a physical person we advice people to leave us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Prices are subject to change without notification.


Prices from;


Robin / Finch / Sparrow £100.00
Blackbird / Thrush £120.00
Jay / Jackdaw / Magpie £130.00
Carrion / Hooded Crow / Rook £140.00
Heron £280.00
Partridge £110.00
Grouse / ptarmigan / Woodcock £130.00
Pheasant £145.00
Mallard / Wigeon / Ducks £145.00
Blackcock £250.00
Goose £250.00
Capercaillie £400.00
Little Owl £120.00
Barn Owl / Short eared Owl / Long eared Owl £160.00
Kestrel / Sparrowhawk / Merlin £160.00
Common Buzzard £200.00
Peregrine £200.00
Goshawk £200.00
Bengalese Eagle owl £200.00
European Eagle Owl £270.00

Mammals (full body)

Mice £100.00
Stoat/ Weasel £135.00
Squirrel £135.00
Rabbit £140.00
Hedgehog £140.00
Ferret / Mink £155.00
Hare £180.00
Pine Marten £240.00
Fox £300.00
Badger £350.00

Mammals (Shoulder mounts, mouth closed)

Hare £100.00
Fox £150.00
Badger £145.00
Wild boar £550.00
A additional  £35 fee is added for mounts with open mouths

Deer (Shoulder mounts)

Muntjack £220.00
Roe Deer £250.00
Fallow Deer £450.00
Red Deer £580.00

Skull cleaning and plaques

Houwers Taxidermy also offers professional skull cleaning, and we’re able to clean small skulls as well as large skulls and almost anything in between. Aside from our cleaning service we also offer professional plague mounts for skull, antlers, tusks ect. Please call for a price estimate.


Houwers Taxidermy offers complete custom commissions but since the possibilities are virtually endless we cannot give you a set pricelist on these. To give an idea; miniature skull pendant (roughly 1 inch in length) start at £85.00, depending on species and complexity.

For a price estimate on full custom for and other projects please contact us for details.


Fish taxidermy requires the highest of skills because of the complexity of the work involved. As a rough guide; quality fish taxidermy by Houwers Taxidermy will cost around £25 per inch and specimen should be measured from tail end to head tip. Case work is available, but please call for quotes.