It’s a heartbreaking experience when your beloved pet dies, and many people find it very difficult to part with them. There are some that would like to keep their pets at their side forever, and opt for taxidermy. However many will refuse to work on pets.

So why are taxidermists being difficult when it comes to this kind of taxidermy? Surely it’s the same process? Not exactly. Unlike the owner, whom has seen and interacted with his/her pet on a daily basis, we see the animals for the first time when they’re dead. We cannot see the expressions or mannerism the animal used to have, and although we can preserve it in much the same way we do with most animals, we cannot bring back the ‘spirit’ of the animal.

With birds it is usually no problem, but with mammals, especially cats or dogs, it is. What you’ll receive back will most likely not remind you of your animal at all, other than the empty form of it, which leaves both the customer and the taxidermist unhappy.

If you are considering to have your pet preserved think it through VERY carefully. If the animal is kept frozen you’ll have more time to think about it. If you’ve made the choice to go ahead with this, be sure that both the taxidermist and his/her work ‘speaks’ to you, and NEVER go to a taxidermist that cannot provide samples of his/her work.

After careful consideration Houwers Taxidermy cannot offer trophy* mounts of pets, only full body mounts or a hand crafted items of jewellery with a tuft of fur encased within.

* (i.e shoulder mounts or rugs)

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