1. Moving to the head we now secured the neck of the reconstructed body into the skull. Hot-glue usually proves perfect for the situation. After the neck has been set, we move to reconstruction the muscle tissue and correct eye-socket placement out of special clay. These clays barely shrink, and are therefor perfect for accurate re-construction work. So reliable is this product that I use the same clay for making models for my jewellery design. Once the measurements add up again the artificial eyes are placed in their correct place, and the whole subject is sprinkled with Borax to further ensure the preservation of the piece.

2. Meanwhile a wire is fed through the skin and tied to the bones. After the wire is secured to the bone the musculature is added, this time with wood wool. Much like the body, the muscle structure is build back up again by spinning the material very tightly around the cleaned bones and the wiring. The wing are also reconstructed in a similar fashion.

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