Stage #8


1. And now comes the most important part in the art of taxidermy, the posing of the body and the ‘preening’ of the feathers. Because all underlying connection were torn when the skin was removed from the body, it is up to the taxidermist to ensure that all feathers end up in the right place and position. This involves hour upon hour of moving feathers with a tweezer, and is often the difference between a ‘stuffer’ (that hardly cares) and a true taxidermist.

2. All bigger birds have fairly chunky legs and talons. During the drying period these are often reduced to an almost skeletal proportion, unless the taxidermist knows how to prevent this. There are special substances that can be injected into the legs of birds with larger talons to prevent them for showing any shrinkage. A good taxidermist should know this, and use this.

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