Buying from Houwers Taxidermy

Houwers Taxidermy is fully DOE registered and keeps legal logs of everything that comes in and goes out. Items on display at our workshop are often for sale, so if you’re looking for a good quality piece be sure to give us a call and find out what’s for sale. Some of the ‘to buy’ items are also on the website, giving them a bit more exposure. In you are interested in purchasing any of our pieces please give us a ring.

PLEASE NOTE; Houwers Taxidermy complies with the Northern Ireland laws regarding taxidermy and sales of such items. All sales outside Northern Ireland will require separate legal permits and documents. Some countries may not accept certain taxidermy items. If you’re unsure, please ask. We always recommend personal pick-up, but if Houwers Taxidermy has to send/ship the item to a location elsewhere we’ll prepare it as best as we can.

We are not responsible for damage caused by the post or shipping, but if it does happen we’ll try to offer a solution.

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