How do I take care of my taxidermy mounts?

To ensure your mount will stay at it’s best for a long period of time there are a couple of simple measures to take;

- It is best to have the piece placed where dust won’t settle on it too much. Putting the piece inside a display cabinet will help out a great deal, but Houwers Taxidermy also offers case work on request.

- Keep items out of direct sunlight if possible. Direct sunlight will fade the color of fur and feathers over time. The odd couple of hours per day won’t make too much of a difference but try to avoid exposing your piece to it for longer periods of time.

- Avoid touching it as much as possible. We know that life-like mounts are irresistible to touch, but sweat and grease from our skin can be left on feathers and fur and touching or petting the mount too often will result in a muddled and mucky look.

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