How do I become a taxidermist?

At the moment there are several old books that describe the art of taxidermy. Techniques however have changed a lot since then, and if you are interested in learning the art you may find yourself wondering where to look.

There are taxidermists out there that are willing to share techniques and teach you how the work is done along with laws and regulations, and Houwers Taxidermy is one of them.

Learn under expert adviceTaxidermy Courses
With expert advice and guidance from Ingrid Houwers herself you’ll learn the basics of this wonderful art, along with the rules and regulations that accompany it. The course is usually given on a one-to-one basis, providing the pupil with all the attention the head taxidermist can give, but there is room for up to 3 people at a time.

Currently there are two courses on offer; bird and mammals, and after a succesfull completion of the day-course the students are able to take their knowledge home with them, along with the project they worked on, a certificate of completion and some materials to give them a head-start should they wish to continue at home.

And it’s not unthinkable that in the future Houwers Taxidermy will be offering courses for those wishing to advance.