How and where did you learn?

My interest for taxidermy came from my love of nature and animals. From a young age at my birth home in the Netherlands I was collecting everything I could find. When I reached the age of 18, I found a dead blackbird which had flown against the window. I wanted to try and preserve the skin for starters, and after skinning the bird I smoked the skin as a wall spread. I collected several birds this way, before finding out about the Dutch Taxidermy Federation (NVP) and wanting to learn more.

I received some good pointers and a lot of help from the federation members, and after a year of experimenting I entered the championships to see where it would go. To my surprise, I won a honorary mention and my first master point for my juvenile yellow wagtail.

Experience and love for the art of taxidermy kept growing from there, and a couple of years down the line I could be found helping novices at the annual workshop weekends organized by the DTF.

I am a firm believer in the fact that you’ll never stop learning. And most of my experience comes from trial and error to say the least. Without trying out new things every now and then you won’t grow in your trade.

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